Natural Intelligent Retail

We develop the eyes and ears to bridge the physical and digital world.  Advanced sensing technology allows us to interpret with certainty the natural interaction of a customer with a product.

How does it work?

Sensors keeps track of every item on the shelf in real-time

Product is selected naturally, by picking it off the shelf

Intelligent cloud software manages the entire network



We enable unattended retail and rental transactions of virtually any product that can be placed on a shelf or hanger without the need of costly robotics.  Our solutions scale from a single shelf to a cabinet to as large as an entire unattended store for both retail and rental.

Retrofit for an existing shelf

Upgrade existing shelves with inventory tracking and/or point of sale.

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Stand alone coolers and cabinets

Next gen vending with dry cabinets, coolers and freezers

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Fully self-service store

Design your own customer fully self-sere lounge or mini-mart

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Automated Rental

Enable rental options, like paddle/racket rental

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Enable the real-time tracking and control of inventory including managing automated pick lists.

The instantAdmin cloud software provides real-time tracking of inventory, transaction reporting, and payment processing across a scale-able network.

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