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instantretailsystems has its roots back in 2002 when Mike DeLazzer and Franz Kuehnrich recognized the next trend in the DVD rental model was about to move from Blockbuster type locations to a kiosk model. Seeing this change on the horizon, they developed the redbox DVD kiosk system which lead to the installation and successfully operation of 45,000 the locations in the US.

Over the past decade they have taken what they learned from that experience and have developed an extremely robust software and hardware platform that allows for hyper growth without jeopardizing security or stability.

Today we see a new opportunity that is many times larger than the DVD movie rental business. The current food vending business model  is worth over $30 billion in revenue per year. Just as in the DVD rental business fifteen years ago, a paradigm shift is taking place.  We see an opportunity where a portion of the franchise fast food businesses, which amounts to over $200 billion in sales per year,  is also now in play due to our unique technology.

Payroll costs for hourly employees make up between 25-40% of the total revenue allocation. Imagine what drastically reducing those costs would do to a company’s bottom line.  Marginal locations would become highly profitable and profitable locations would become even more lucrative.

Three years ago we recognized that a shift in the retail environment was taking place.   The rapid evolution of AI, 3D cameras, and sensors made it possible for a company to deploy remote small locations in places that could never support a staff person. We have now developed a complete automated retail solution that will be another game changer just as it was in the DVD rental business.


We love technology, especially technology that can change the way businesses think and interact with the public. Our focus is leveraging key components in AI  and 3D camera sensor technology to create game changing systems for the retail environment. We see a dramatic changes are about to take place in retail and feel that the best way to help shape this future is to build it ourselves. Over the past three years we have worked tirelessly to perfect systems that we believe will have a strong impact on the retail environment.  With this in mind, we have created a complete line of products that allow retailers to become more profitable, productive and ready for the future.

We believe that a commitment to learning is crucial for success.

We believe that being aware of changes in technology and imagining how these changes become new opportunities is crucial to the development of new ways of approaching the market.

We believe that timing to market is crucial as with any product. 

We believe the opportunities we select have to fit our core competencies of software integration and custom hardware development.


The two main guys behind this endeavour have done it already once and are ready to bring their expertise and experience to this new venture. Mike DeLazzer and Franz Kuehnrich have been the original developers of the redbox DVD kiosk system back in 2002 when they sold their GetAMovie company to McDonalds. Franz Kuehnrich stayed with redbox and was responsible for the production and support of the units all the way up to 40,000 kiosks in the field. 

We have seen in all and experienced the challenges of growth like no other. We see the opportunity again and are ready to meet the challenge once more.

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