Meet the Smart Cooler that knows you personally.

The Smart Cooler is the next step in automated retail powered by the latest in AI technology.  The Smart Cooler gives your customers a more personal shopping experience without having to rely on expensive and unreliable robotic delivery systems.  The Smart Cooler allows customers to choose their product by using the most reliable robot ever built: the human hand.  The shelf can be a cooler or simply a secured cabinet.

How does it work?

By using a valid credit card or  payment app, the customer can unlock the cabinet and gain free access to the inventory.  As with all of our solutions, the intuitive AI lets the customer browse the inventory in the secured retail shelf. The smart system within the cabinet will register all inventory movement. Product that has been removed from the shelf is automatically added to the open virtual shopping cart.  When the customer has concluded their shopping,  they simply close the cabinet and confirm the purchase via the touch screen on the machine or on their mobile phone. After confirmation, the door of the Smart Cooler is automatically locked again, and the customer can leave with the option of sending a receipt to their email.

Machine Sensing

The heart of our advancement in automated retail is an intelligent software engine that works within the Smart Cooler’s physical environment.  Through a series of sensors and video tracking software it is possible to seamlessly follow the customers movement through the product selection process.  Through a non complex design,  a customer can select a product in a natural process of picking up and reviewing.  At the end, the customer can simply walk away with their choice. The software will automatically conclude the purchase and conveniently sends a receipt to the customer’s account if desired.

Instant Retail Systems, and our parent company Instant Systems Sweden,  have a long history in custom automated retail solutions.  Our company has developed and refined its own unique software back office suite, which allows our customers to remotely run their businesses with an impressive uptime of 99.9%.  We have deployed thousands of machines operating on four continents for nearly two decades.

We have tried to streamline the entire shopping process from selection to payment.  On the payment side we have developed a custom payment app called Lova that can be used as a mobile pay solution.  Just open the Lova app and point you camera at the QR code on the screen and your payment is instantly processed.  Receipts will be automatically texted to your mobile device

Modular System

The heart of our automated solution is our custom software suite.  We have developed a CRM (customer relations management system) specifically designed to be used in kiosks or in unattended retail markets. Through continuous improvement over the past 18 years, our business has grown and now performs millions of secure transactions each month.

The CRM system is web based, which allows an operator to remotely view inventory and check on the overall operating parameters of the of units in the field.  It can track inventory and send alerts that inventory is running low.  This system provides the confidence to grow an operator’s business rapidly in the shortest time possible without encountering any software scalability issues.   Our CRM system minimizes the risk associated with operating a network of locations in a large geographical area.

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