Instant Store and Lounge

Customize your own mini-mart or self service lounge to open up new way to serve your customers.  The perfect solution to offer 24/7 access to fresh products and convenience goods for hotels, office complexes, housing communities and apartments.

Self Service Store


Instant Systems self-checkout system utilizes a combination of 3D camera and sensor technologies. The cameras are primarily used to track the customers movement within the store environment. By combining the data generated by the movement of the customer, and the shelf-based sensors a highly accurate virtual shopping cart can be propagated for a specific customer creating a fast, reliable shopping experience.

Customized for your space, the store integrates coolers, shelves hangers and other vending (such as coffee makers) to offer convenience 24/7 without staff needing to monitor the store.

  • Unattended mini-mart

    Best for high traffic locations with large range of SKUs.

  • Customized to the space

    MIx and match coolers, freezers, hangers and shelves to meet your customers needs.

  • Capacity

    Depending on physical space, accommodate 5+ people shopping at the same time.



Mix and match coolers, freezers, cabinets and other vending (like coffee makers) to build a custom lounge for your space.

One customer at a time checks in through an app, or with a credit card (optional extra), and picks up products they want to purchase across any of the attached kiosks..  The customer is only charged for what they have removed from any of the cases.

  • Automated Lounge

    Best for medium to high traffic locations that need to offer a large range of products.

  • Customized to your needs

    Mix and match coolers, freezer, hanger and shelves to meet your customers needs.

  • Capacity

    24-60 unique SKUs and one shopping customer at a time.

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