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Own a successful business that will generate consistent income month after month with InstantRetailSystems autonomous rental and sell-through Pickleball cabinets.

The total investment to start your business is $9,500 in market that is showing strong growth. Candidates should have additional capital to invest in the first year for shipping and installation of the machine and inventory.

2014 9396 2015 12789 2016 16549 2017 21051 2018 26734 # of Pickleball courts across the US
Source: USAPA

Who developed this?

InstantRetailSystems was founded by the same people who created the technology platform behind redbox, which is one of the most successful autonomous kiosk businesses in the world. We took what we learned from that success and improved on the hardware and the software.
Our autonomous Pickleball cabinets allow entrepreneurs to start their own business with no development risk or cost. In less than one day you can be operating your own business and generating income month after month.
The best part? No guesswork. We have done the heavy lifting: technology development, software tools, niche market research, lead development, supplier sourcing of Pickleball paddles, marketing, ongoing software support, complete training and more. We created the foundation, you have to bring the vision to what heights you want soar this business.
If you already have contacts or are an operator of a courts, then this technology will boost your productivity and profits to new heights.

How does it work?

The customer unlocks the kiosk through an app, or with a credit card (optional extra), and picks up one or more rackets they want to rent along with the balls and grip tape they might want to purchase.

When the customer is done they close the door. The system identifies what the customer has bought and rented and charges their card automatically.

The customer returns the racket by opening the kiosk with the app or with the same credit card they used when renting. It is also possible to convert this cabinet however it suits to your business and your needs.



    • The cabinet can be customized for a wide range of racquets and accessories

    • We take care of all the technical support but can also offer a full stock management program

    • The back office software tracks inventory and can be configured to automatically place reorder tickets for each individual cabinet
    • New shipments to customers are fulfilled via your current channels, inventory for restocking is shipped directly to merchandiser assigned to specific locations

In the standard version of the kiosk the customer unlocks the kiosk with an iPhone / Android app connected to the credit card of their choice. By adding a card terminal the customer is given the option to open the kiosk by using their physical credit card. Pricing for HW purchase option instantPaddle Cabinet with three shelves $9,500 instantPaddle Module Cost per module: $4,900 You can add up to three additional modules to the base unit, in order to increase inventory You get your merchantID from Elavon and the money gets deposited directly into your account. The monthly fees are charged in advance and the previous monthly card fees in arrear. Internet Connection: $12/month all prices are subject to change, please contact us for latest pricing CreditCard terminal (optional): One time cost of $650, monthly fee of $10 (The base cabinet can be expaned with addtional modules) Includes 4G LTE modem for always on data connection includes SW license fees, gateway fees, mobile payment app (iPhone/Android), instantAdmin Suite Additional Module Monthly license fees are $150/month Transactional fees: About 5% depending on type of card

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The best way to dive into this exciting new environment of automated retail and warehousing is to experience it first hand. We encourage everybody to visit our development and manufacturing facility in Boras, Sweden and see the different solutions in action. Nobody ever walked away from a visit and not understanding that they experienced the future.

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